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the life...

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the life...

Post by zabuza125 on Thu Feb 18, 2010 11:57 pm

well this isnt really a short story but its the most logical place to view on life!!! hey! dont go away! fine.....dont read it.....bleh!

RANT WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah, so i love life. always will. this post is basically to put my diferent views on the world. so enjoy....or notO.o

colors: i like colors. i dont know how they got here but they are amazing. i wonder how they look to other people......

plants: never really cared for them....but they help us live. so thats coolO.o

animals: i hate alot of land animals. ugly and whatnot. but sealife is amazing. always interested me. i love water:D

religion: i dont have a religion, but i do believe in god. and the after life. religion doesnt make sense to me....never did.......

supernatural: *pops knuckles* 2nd longest part! here we go. well i have always believed in ghosts, spirits, and demons. but i think they live in diferent worlds. you know, like a world for earth and this universe and then another for diferent types of demons, with infinate amount of worlds, each with their own lives and after lives. weird i know, but its what i think so....

humans: *punches a wall* longest part now!! now.....i hate humans. i HATE humans. almost all of them anyway......thats because they only think about themselves and never anyone else unless they get something in return. they are using beings that are far from perfect. i hate alot of human......alot need to die. and they get pleasure out of the pain of people they dont even stupid. but there are people that are nice.....and i love those people.

alright my stupid rant is done:D

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