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Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by Leviathan on Wed Feb 17, 2010 7:39 pm

DerimacheiaLWolf wrote:Name: Derimacheia L. Wolf (Nickname is Lynx)
Age: Appears 17


Power: The ability to make her scent and appearance 'vanish' without a trace as well as shape-shifting. She can also use corruption.

Bio: Lynx's existance is one of pain. She has known nothing else but that. Despite being what she is, she has never felt love nor has she ever been friends with any creature. She is a chaotic nuteral being. She may seen kind and warm but also cruel, twisted, and cold hearted the next. She cares little for humans or anything else, and will destroy anything that gets in her way. At the beginning of her existance there was nothing, nothing at all. Simply a black nothingness...many many many millenias have pasted, so many that she has lost count. She watched as this place was formed and shaped into what it is today, watching Earth form and watching God and Satan have their fights. She simply stayed back and watched. Now she wonders the new world the humand inhabit, wandering what they would think of her.

Other: Lynx has no weapons but what appears to be dead roses. These are, in fact, deadly weapons. Once someone touches the petals, a strange substance (it will be whatever color the rose petas are) will rub against their skin and burn and eat away at their flesh. If it is washed off quickly with blood it will not burn, but only Lynx knows this.

woah and i thought i was descriptive...

I absolutely love it! I'll post it now.

Can't wait to this rp play out.


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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by Jannge on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:35 pm

If your fighting the Devil in this, I hopes it wont look like this:
RP soldier

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by zabuza125 on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:50 pm

lol thats awesome

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by DerimacheiaLWolf on Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:29 pm

hahahahahahahahahaha XD that is'd probably be the one challenging him if he messed with me XD and then totally screw him over XD

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by Felli~Loss on Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:40 pm

Name: Ayame "Jade" Tsubasa
Power: Senseory Precption
Bio: Ayame, was a childhood friend of Etsuko's when etsuko left...she had no one. She got picked up by a gang, making her their "sex toy" until she got fed up with it and went enraged, killed almost everyone in the gang. She left with nothing on her except a gun in her hand.
She got picked up by a special forces team and worked with them, until she went solo, working on her own with private contracts, and missions.
she been looking for etsuko ever since she left her.
Any other info: she is mid 20's, uses gun first, then her magic second.

Shes the one on the right.

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by Leviathan on Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:16 pm

Jannge wrote:If your fighting the Devil in this, I hopes it wont look like this:
lol! nice

anyway, Felli great character! you have been accepted ^_^


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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by zabuza125 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 4:25 pm

gonna put the posts from darkness over light in case we need them later:D and i realized how much Yuudai has changedO.o for the better BTW

"Hey you!" Yuudai said as he tapped Masa's shoulder, "Im pissed so i'm gonna fight you!"

*turns around*
That's a very shallow statement, which indicates that you are a shallow person.

................................heh your only sayin that cause your scared. come on! *summons a scythe from a dark pit* hahahaha prepare to die!!!

*pulls out a simple pistol*
No, I'm afraid it is you that will die.
*readies pistol*

you have no idea who your messing with! *jumps into the air and lunges*

On the contrary, you're messing with me.
*sidesteps and fires a bullet at his arm*

unnecesary fighting. ill skip to where Godric comes.....................................................................................................

Godric makes a humph sounds and leaps down of the shadows, still far away from the two people, he slowly walks towards them.

Godric stops when he sees the man running is his direction, he realeses his hidden blade.
(like assassins creed)
and readies himself for an attack.

oh so another bitch to kill? so FUN!!!! *rushes toward Godric with his Scythes*

Godric now sees the other man far away charging at him. He tilts his head, and throws a smoke bomb on the ground, heavy black smokes fills the area, Godric quikcly runs to the hurt man, grabs him, throws him on his shoulder and escapes quickly. He puts the hurt man on the ground where they escaped to and then runs back to the area where the man with the sythe is.

so you take the injured away? its okay with me but....NOW YOU HAVE TO DIE!!! *rushes toward Godric with only one scythe and threw the other*

Godric slowly moves his body to just dodge the thrown scythe, the grabs it as it passes him, and points it at the man.
"i would recomend leaving now."
HE says with a masked voice.

fine but i will hunt you and that other person DOWN! *starts to walk off into the city*

He throws the scythe at the mans feet, and retracts his hidden blade.
"smart move......"
He leaves a blank where his name would be cuase he doesnt know it, buts says it in a way to ask his name.

why the hell should i tell you my name? you better sleep with one eye open unless you want me to kill you! and thanks for the scythe. *picks it up but hesitates* heh....hahahahahaha!!!!! *walks off*

Godric sees the man walking away, but before he does he quickly runs up to him, and grabs him quickly. he releases his hidden blade at his wrist and holds it up to the mans neck.
"one; when i ask a question i want an answer. and two; never talk like that to me, becuase next time i wont be so nice as i am being one last time....what is your name?"
still holding the blade to his neck.

ah! my name is Yuudai. and the next time we do meet I WONT BE SO NICE! oh and im...S.O.R.R.Y. *grabs his scythes and makes them disappear. then he walks off*

Godric watches yuudai walks away.
"so i was right, that is yuudai....hmmm interesting."
He runs back to the injured man, that he left.

hmmm. god i hate both of them. i guess ill just go around the cemetary until i want to kill them *he then goes to the cemtary to think*
those people think that they can order ME around. heh ill show them the real power of the death scythes. i just hope that they will provide a little bit of fight. hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Godric leaves the man, and heads back to yuudai, where maybe he can get some answers.

oh you came back? well go away im thinking! if you dont then i cant guareentee your safety! *gets his scythes out from a dark pit*

"i came under peace, i wish you no harm, i just want answers..."

heh, answers to what? and besides what happened to the person i almost killed. hahahahaha! i laugh just thinking about it!

*does 50 push ups and 10 sit ups* ahhhhhhhhh hahahahhaahha!!!!! i feel so GOOOOOOOOD! i need to go find those people.

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by zabuza125 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 7:20 pm

Godric walks in the middle of the floor emitting much energy from his body, hoping that someone will come fight.

..........hahahaha! its time to die!!!!!! *rushes to the power*

Godric feels a rush of power coming he releases his hidden blade and put shurkien in the middle of each finger.

now the time to make up for the time he got away! *summons scythe and arrives in the area* there you are!!!!

Godric slowly turns to yuudai and looks at him with his bright red mask's eyes.
"have u come to seek repentance?"

yes i have!!!!! *slows to a stop* your eyes are creepy.......any way im gonna kill you!!!! *flips in the air and slashes at Godric's head*

Godric quickly rolls under yuudai and when he gets up he throws 3 of the shuriken that he is holding at him swiftly.

ahhhh!!! rrrrrrrrrr!!!! i wont lose to YOUUUUU!! *takes shurikens out of back and throws them. rushes toward Godric with scythe spinning*

Godric easily dodges the thrown shuriken and swiftly rushes behind yuudai and kicks him in the back into a wall.

oah! *spits blood onto the floor* ahhhhh! *summons another scythe and puts it into the wall. jumps on top of it and waits there chanting*

Godric slowly readjusts himself and still has 4 more shuriken in his hand, he puts a hand stance up to his face and touches the shuriken, a japanese symbol appears on it, then he throws it next to yuudai on the wall, hoping that hell think he missed, his hand still in the hand stance.

*stops chanting*......hahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! !!!! i have now just won this battle! *jumps into the air with an evil expression on his face with darkness surrounding him*

"You'd think that but you'd be wrong..."
He lets go of his hand stance, and the shuriken on the wall explodes, and from the smoke emerges 3 chains, that fly to yuudai to grasp him.

.........................*laughs with that evil expression* this is just getting even better every second!!!!! *darkness envelopes the chains and they break* this battle will be fun i can just tell!!! *throws scythe onto the ground and rushes without it*

Godric tilts his head,
"he has developed more power..."
Godric quickly reaches his his coat, and oulls out 3 discs with blue lights on them, he throws them at the ground near yuudai and when they all hit, they activate and form a barrier around him that electrifies him as well. hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! you....must...die! *tries to escape but fails*!!!!!

Godric tilts his head, watching as the darkness trembles to the might of the electricity.
The electricty stops and the barriers go down, the discs fly back to godric which he then puts them back in his coat.
"what are you?"

huh....huh...huh.............the embodiment of all peoples nightmares! i am a stray angel that has taken the path to destroy all those that i want! hahahahaha! you can beg for your life now.

He shakes his head.
"i beat you, yet you still beleive you are stronger than me."
Godric clenches his fists tight, and metal plates form around them. Each plate, sterling silver, and hard as steel.
"lets see how you like this."
Godric dissapeaers and reappers next to yuudai and throws a punch at his face.

but i have won already. i now have all the information i need in able to destroy you. although i cannot do it now because the diference in power is too much. but ill still try to hurt you cause you PISSED ME OFF!!!! *didipears and reappears with two scythes. slashes with both at insane speeds.

Godric eyes widen in his mask, and he continues to block the scythe attacks with his metal fists. He releases his hidden blade, rolls around to the back of yuudai and stabs it through his right shoulder

*falls to the ground.* ill fu**in kill YOU!!! *tries to move but is unable* d...damn!

"Why are you so persistant?"
Godric looks down and kneels near yuudai.
"Feretas von vundeen a spearitus de sancti"
He puts his index finger to his forehead, then he touches yuudais chest, a japanese symbol appears on yuudais chest.
"its done."
He gets up slowly backs up.

a..arigatou. i will now escape but i will have to train in order to KILL YOU!! *starts to walk off*

"listen to me. You still have alot to learn. Do not be so cocky, and stop rushing into battles. It pays off to scan your opponent figure out what he/she is made of before you attack. You will never be able to defeat me, but you can learn from me..."
Godric stand before yuudai with his arms crossed.

..................why not be cocky when your the best? we are meant to be happy when we are the best at something and i can be the best at killing. and i dont want to learn by you. i can learn on my own.

Godric shakes his head.
"you are clearly not the best at this point yuudai...but if u refuse to learn then, we have nothing more to talk about."
Godric throws a smoke bomb at yuudai feet, and smoke fills the air around yuudai, when it clears Godric is gone.

heh stupid. ill track him down sooner or later and teach HIM how to actually get into your fights and really tear loose!!! *walks aimlessly into the city*

Godric runs through the city, on the rooftops, following a person who he needs to follow so he can find a target he needs to eliminate.

*walks through the city to find a place to train.*

Godric follows the person who go to a building and though the door, Godric jumps across the street and through a open window in the same building on the 3rd floor. He slowly opens the door in the room and gets to a large room where everyone is partying, he sighs and unclips thw two sides of his mask, slowly removing it, he then tucks it in his coat, and walks through the party.

*finds an abandonded warehouse and starts to destroy things with his scythe*

Walking through the party, Godric keeps an eye out for his target, he comes across a rasie in the room where a chair is. a man sitting in the chair enjoies a glass of wine and has many women around him. Godric smiles as he finds his target he then plans for his attack.

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by zabuza125 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:14 pm

bitch bitch bitch BITCH!!!! *topples the whole warehouse while people stare* GET OUTTA MY WAY BEFORE I CUT YOU DOWN!!!!!! *walks off to a quiet place to do some mental training.*

Godric Throws a smokebomb down slowly and then it explodes throws smokes to the entire room. Coughs are heard left and right and godric's target's bodyguards surrond him with heavy weapons. Godric snakes through the crowd and slices ne guards face, then trips another, and as he trips godric rolss over him, and lunges at his target. becuase of the smoke his target doesnt see godric until its too late, godric shoves his hidden blade into his targets heart, then pulls it out and jumps off, and back upstairs then back out the window and to the rooftops and into the shadows.

*chants in japanese in a secluded place* this stupid MARK!!! cant get it off! rrrr! i guess im off to actually train with a real person *walks through the town scanning the power of everyone* this mark has given me the power to check out the power of all people though.

Godric stops as he senses his young one's power, he looks down on the street below, and sees yuudai.
he whistles so he can get his atention.
(oh he put his mask back on btw)

? hey! its YOU!!! *rushes to Godric* what do you want?!

"hello yuudai, what are you doing in the city at this hour?"

im training so that i can top your power. what are you doing here?

"i just got done with"

you have to focus on ME! get this stupid thing off my chest!

"shush yuudai, and no that mark isnt turning off unless you agree to being my warrior and fighter"

Godric runs through the city rooftop to rooftop, searching for some danger.

Enter Sukima Hayato. His brash demeanor masks his hidden pain. Making his way through a busy shopping district, his stomach growls something awful. He spots a nearby ramen shop and heads straight for it.

Godric, running on the rooftops, stops immediately, and looks down on the streets below.
what is this strange new energy?
he slowly heads to it.

A familiar stench gently brushes across Hayato. He pauses for a moment.
A loud growl shakes him from the trance. The smell of ramen made with love has overpowered all his senses. Starry-eyed, he finally reaches the ramen shop.

*Yuudai gets up and slowly walks into town to a secluded place* ill just wait here for now. *sits on the floor*
*still sits and thinks* things have been out of control lately. even for me. maybe i actually can learn something from that person. i guess i better find him and find out what my powers actually are. i only remember falling from the sky and into this planet. *sigh. gets up to find Godric*

Godric crashes through a window and lands on the street below.
a man yells.
Godric just finished another assassination, He runs down the street and into the shadows, he loses his persuers and heads for his home.

"One order of your best ramen please!"
Hayato's stomach growls even louder.
"....maybe make that two, it's been awhile since i ate."
The owner looks up from washing bowls after a pause, then spits out the price.
"Sure thing, gramps!"
Hayato reaches into his satchel, forgetting that he spent all his money on the satchel.
The owner begins to lose his patience.

Godric slaps 10 yen on the bar next to hayato.
"thatll cover him, and..."
He slaps 10 more.
"this will cover me"
(Godric is not in his normal attire, he has his mask off, and in normal clothes

Weird, he wasn't there a second ago. I didn't even sense him approaching.
Ignoring his instincts, Hayato humbly accepts the offer, albeit puzzled by the stranger's generosity.
"Ah! ....Thanks!....this is ....kinda embarassing."
The scent of ramen tickles his nose.

Godric nods his head and smiles with his eyes closed.
he sits and enjoys his ramen as well.
"mym mmname is raimzoum *sluuurrrrp* you?"
He says after finishing his mouth full of ramen.

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by zabuza125 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:24 pm

Is this guy serious?? So he's giving but doesn't know basic table manners, just who is he?
Stuffing his face with ramen, Hayato turns to face the stranger.
"MMmmMy name is mmSukima mmHayatoMmm.."
He buries his face in the bowl.

Godric stops eating and looks at his ramen in a very thinking manner.
Sukima...sukima...were have i heard that name before....
HE shakes his head and smiles at hayato.
HE continues eating.

*stumbles through the town* i need to find him. *rushes through the town looking for a strange energy* i need to find out about my powers!

With a sigh of relief, Hayato says his thanks for the meal.
"Thanks again Raizo-san. It's been too long since I've had a decent bowl of ramen."
He looks down at the empty bowl, remembering that last time.
...It's just like what he used to make...
The pain behind his eyes come forth, only for a moment.

"Before you leave...your last name again?"
Godric slowly gets up and stand infront of hayato, with a smile on his face.

*electricity crackles across stomach* ow! stupid seal! *finds a power source* ah! *rushes to empty warehouse*

"Sukima. Sukima Hayato. And don't forget it!"
He says with a big grin across his face. Raising up to leave, he pauses.

Wait a sec, where are am I going!?! I didn't have any money for food and I think I have enough for a hotel!? But this guy here has enough to pay for three bowls! I bet he's totally loaded, he's probably a noble or something!! All righty Hayato you've found you're place to sleep tonight!!

"You know I just don't feel right leaving without somehow repaying you. So how about it? Anything I could do for you? Maybe a job or something? I could errands if you like. Maybe I could oh, i don't know .....clean your house??"
He stares at Raizo with Bamby-eyes and incredibly-irresistible smile.

sukima! heh, i knew he looked like him, you have grown his little have grown.
"Unfortunately i do not have room for you in my house...but i do have somthing you can do..."
Godric turns around and walks a bit.
he turns his head to hayato and does a follow gesture with it.
He then begins runing.

"I don't have a room for you"!?! Am I that transparent!?
Hayato follows Raizo through the crowded shopping district. The mob of people seem to get thicker with very step. Barely keeping up with Raizo's strange pace, Hayato's stomach begins to growl again, but this time not out of hunger.
What the-
He stops dead in his tracks. Suddenly feeling nauseous, he keels over.
"Raizo-san! I need to use the bath-"
Unable to hold it any longer, he quickly covers his mouth to protect the crowd of innocents from vicious puke. Nervously scanning his surroundings, a dilapidated public restroom appears to his left. He darts in...

"AAaahh, much better! I hope Raizo waited for-OOF!"
Hayato looks up to see an incredibly large and muscular man before him.
"Oh-uh, I'm terribly sorry, sir..."
The man is dressed solely in leather, with silver spike studs poking out from his shoulders. A large chain with a small sword attached to the end is wrapped around his torso. He says that his jacket got stratched and he'll need all of Hayato's money to fix it.
"I'm sorry, I don't have any money, really!"
He says he'll just have to sell his organs. He pulls a gun from his jacket and aims at Hayato's forehead.

*walks into the ware house* ahhhhhhhhhhh! anyone here?! *silence* dammit! *sigh* aw well. *an enormous power erupts from the center of the warehouse* ahhhhh! what the hell is that?!
"the power is yet to awaken" a voice in his head states.

the hell?! this power is.....mine? no...its too immense! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

"the ultimate evil is slowly reviving"



i need to find that masked man!!!! *yuudai then disipears to a world outside of the one he was in previously*

where am i?

"in your mind."

who said that?

"ME" *a dark figure then arrives through the darkness*

damn it!!! *the dark figure then shows itself as an exact copy of yuudai*

"ill be taking your body now"

who are you?!

"YOUR POWERS!!!!" *the figure then stabs yuudai with only his hand*

"this will be FUN!!!"

Godric sighs and in a split second thinks of every scenario he can come up with.
Godric Quickly runs into the shadows.

"Im gunna shot you now guy!"
The big leatherd man says. HE cocks his gun, but before he shoots a shuriken hits him in the leg, the big man screams in pain and falls doen on one knee, and shoots his gun up towards the ceiling in the process.
Godric readies his kunai.

*yuudai then appears in front of the fight* oh THERE you are! in a small fight? ill take care of it!!!!! *goes over to the big man and snaps his arm in halve* you ready to SCREAM??!!!! *yuudai then collapses all of a sudden with the entity not controling him anymore* d....darkness...

Godric appears (in his masked state) "yuudai how is that power limiter treating you? haha..."
Godric then walks up to the big man and slits his neck with a kunai.
he then stares at hayato and chuckles.
"your lucky kid...lets go yuudai, leave this kid alone."
He then runs into the darkness, and changes into his civilain mode and goes and sits on a bench like half a mile down the street they were on.

*yuudai then appears in the mind again*
"grr! you forced me out! why?!"

it wasn't me it was the power limiter. i needed to talk to the masked man! but now hes away...

"well stop complaining! but.....dont you want to kill him. like you did before?" i just need to talk to him! now get away from me powers! i dont even want to know what you really are so just GO!

"HAHAHAHAHA!!!! ill leave for now. but ill take your body whenever i feel ready!"

*yuudai then get back into the real world*

i need to find him to see if he can explain this. *walks off into the city ignoring everything around him*

Godric (as his normal mode) walks to hayato and leaves a note saying
"dont worry about me, ill find u when ready enclosed in this enevelope is 100 yen...enjoy! -raizou"
He then puts his cloak and mask on and finds yuudai.

ah. there you are. my body is outta control! i need your help to find out what the voice in my head is. i think its tryin to kill ME!!!

His masked voice echoes through the warehouse.
"Ah so you DO need help from me...ok then i know exactly what is happening to you...this voice may tell you its satan or a demon, but it is the seal trying to take over your body. See now you only see this power limiter seal as a bad thing, but , if mastered, it can also grant you powers that you normally wouldnt have."
He takes out his katana.
"ready to master it?"

yes! i dont want a stupid demon taking over me!!! *takes out scythe* so do we fight?!

"for the last is not a is just the seal playing tricks on you, since its fused with your body it can make you hear/see things which will help it devour you."
Raises katana.
"Hold your arms out like a cross, no weapons..."

*puts away scythe and puts hands up*

it still feels like a monster

"well its not..."
Godric puts two discs on yuudais hands. then back away.
"i am going to attack you with this katana, you have to keep holding the discs out, dont let them drop, or dont put doswn your arms it?"
He holds the katana firmly.

heh got it! i can withstand anything you dish out. *grasps the discs firmly and braces himself*

ill start slow
Godric lunges at yuudai, and swings twice at his legs.

tch. ah! dont worry i can take it.

Godric tilts his head, and swings his sword upward at yuudai while kicking up at him.

*skids back but still holds onto the discs* ah! d...damn! dont worry i wanna get this over with!

Godric quickly lunges foreward at yuudai and stabs his katana at yuudai chest with a lil more then average speed.

*back flips without puting down his arms or droping the discs* oh! almost got me!

Godric smirks as he disappears and reappears behind where yuudai landed.
Godric slashes at yuudai back.

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by zabuza125 on Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:32 pm

ah! damn! my arms are still there though!...but barely...ah! *drops to one knee* have to stay...

"Your pathetic..."
Takes back of katana and whips yuudai in the back with it.
"common yuudai get mad..."

but if i do the seal will appear!.....but i will!! aaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! *spins hands to try to hit Godric*

hm the seal has activated but which of the 4 gods control him?
Godris yells.
ANd charges at yuudai with his katana.

*drops discs and tilts head* OOPS...hahahahahaha!!!! *jumps in the air and lingers there* you want to kill me? how pathetic.

Godric quickly appears behind yuudai, and throws a kick at his face, while gettiing ready his hidden blade.

ha! *summons a gigantic scythe* what a fitting weapon for me. the perfect weapon! *slashes at Godric*

Godric steps it up a bit and blocks with his hook blade.
"wow i havent used this weapons for a while."
Godric pulls the sycthe out from yuudais hands, and tosses it, then torws his hook blade at yuudai with intense force."

ugh! *spits blood* d...damn! *falls to the ground* get near me and ill kill YOU!!!!


A faint voice dances through air fragile.

This couldn't be....?

A bright light from above pierces through the vast darkness, as if from the heavens. It reveals a small cottage sitting in a middle of a peaceful meadow, riddled with farm animals grazing. He is sitting on a small patch of flowers.

This place...this isn't possible! Unless-
The voice was clearer than ever, this time coming from directly behind him. A tall shadow is cast over him. He immediately turns to face the entity, but the shining light grew suddenly, causing the figure to be appear only as a silhouette.
"Hayato-kun! I am so glad to see you're well."


Holding his arm over his head to improve his vision, Hayato races through his mind to find an explanation for this. The silhouette wastes no time.
"Hayato. Precious Hayato. You must"

The light begins to recede. The peaceful sounds of the meadow are replaced with the roar of fire. Hayato turns to see the cottage burning. He can hear the screams ...his own cries for help.
"You must live, my precious Hayato!"

Hayato darts his head behind him to see that the figure as brought his face only inches away from his. Where their were eyes, there was nothing. Blood pouring out from every orifice. The apparition opened its mouth once more.
"You must live for my sake!"

Insects burst out of skin, worms and maggots eating their way out. Locusts began to crawl out of his eye sockets and flew directly at Hayato.

Hayato stood flinging his weak arms around to cast them away, but there were simply too many. Overpowering him, he rolled down the hill. At the base of the hill, he looked up to see the burning cottage directly in front of him. A small boy covered in blood stood staring at him. He was smiling.
"T-This can't be happening!"

More insects began to rise from the ground, engulfing Hayato's body completely. He raises his right arm out weakly to small boy cries out.

Hayato sprang up from the bathroom floor. His head weary, and right palm sweaty.
....A dream?
Something tickled his left hand. He raised it up to inspect it. A dead locust lay smashed on his sweaty palm.
He stood straight up, shaking his palm free of bug guts. After regaining calmness, he spots the note left by Raizo.
Oh that's right, Raizo saved me from that thug. I must've passed out at the sight of blood. How lame! So much for handling things on my own.
Hayato scans the bathroom, then exits into the busy shopping district.
I have to find Raizo! I can't take any more of his charity!
He runs off into the night.

Godric looks at yuudai.
"this is your seal talking yuudai, i know you are in there, listen to me...come out, i need you to come out but still retain the powers you currently have. If you cannot master your seal at this step yuudai...i will KILL you"

die you dark BITCH!!!! *yuudai escapes from his mind* d...damn! so powerful! *gasp* damn...i summoned that huge scythe? *punches floor* IM SO WEAK!!! cant even hold back a stupid copy of me!!!!! *continues punches the floor*....but i feel so much stronger!!!!! this is the power that the dark me has?

Godric sighs as yuudai fools around.
HE yells with all his might.

*looks up* WHAT????!!!! i feel so powerful right now! i...feel....unstoppable! so now what!!??? do i fight you as i am now? i feel as if i could actually win now.....but i also fell alot eviler *clenches chest* the power is an evil power....i can feel it and its weird..... damn!!! i want to get rid of it. tell me how to get rid of the dark me. i want power but not if it feels like fells godly...but evil!!

"Like this..."
Godric instantly appears in front of yuudai. He makes a humph noise and mlooks at yuudai. He has periced yuudai with his katana, right where the seal is. His sword goes through yuudai and comes out the back, and blood flows everywhere, but it is not red, it is black.

th...the hell?! i fell.....weird...*spits blood* i fell less powerful...but i fell less evil...ahhhhhhhhhh!!! *pain surges through him and he collapses into the blood* this blood is also....kind of hard...what did you do?

"what did i do? i have stabbed you through the chest with my katana...the only sword in the whole world that can complete the seal you musnt die, use the powers you have been given to you, you are losing lots of blood and falling quickly but dont give up. survive...."
Godric walks into the shadows and vanishes.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! *pain rushes through him* no help? damn!!!!! *sstumbles to get up* its hopeless...dammit! i.....must.....survive!!!!!! *light surrounds him* i have to stay alive in order to find out more about myself. *hole in chest seals up* these new powers....there incredible. but im still dizzy from the blood loss... *chest suddenly opens* ahhhhhhh! dammit! why did this happen?! *blood starts pouring throughout the floor* d....damn it! im losing my vision. i cant die like this... *light surrounds him again. the blood around him gathers around him to form a barrier* what the hell???!!! *the blood disperses and the hole in his chest disipears* i can....control my blood?

I think this is the way he went
Attempting to follow Raizo by the scent of ramen, Hayato makes his way to a shady industrial district riddled with dilapidated warehouses. He looks around for any sign of life.
...Oh yeah, I'm definitely lost...
Suddenly he feels and overwhelmingly dark power radiating from one of the warehouses a few meters down.
That can't be him....can it?
Hayato begins to sprint towards the source of the dark power.
Please be safe, Raizo-san!

Noticing the essence of hayato coming closer. Godric Appears infront of him in his assassin get up. he stand motionless.

*staggers through the warehouse* that man....he knows alot....and he has helped me. i wonder if he will know about my past... *yuudai then appears within the confines of his mind* what im here again???!! i thought that man got rid of that stupid copy! *the scenery changes to a very bright land filled with clouds*
"the dark figure HAS been killed but in doing so i am finally able to contact you" a human dressed in all black and a red striped tie says.

who are you?

"i am..." *he then sprouts two very dark red wings* "the embodiment of your mind. i have always been here and have been waiting here for the right time to actually contact you."

the embodiment of my mind? i thought the dark figure was.

"no. he was something else..."

what was he?

"i cannot tell you. that masked man might know though. but thats not why i summoned you to your mind. it is something very important."

is it about my new powers? i need to know exactly what they do.

"no. but i can tell you. your new powers manipulate your blood. they can also put your blood onto your scythes to make them stronger."

sorry to interupt but i never exactly knew how i summon my scythes. how do i?

"you reach into your mind to summon them."

i reach into my mind? so i create them from nothing?

"basicly yes. you reach into here and i create them."

so can i make anything?

"only the things that i think are appropriate for the situation. but enough about that. the reason i summoned you here is that the lord of all evil, satan, is reviving."

thats what the dark figure said. so its true?

"yes it is. he is not close to reviving but he is slowly making progress. you need to train in order to protect yourself."

so satan. what is he?

"there is no need in telling you now. you just need to find the masked man and find out what that dark figure was. now go! and dont forget to train."

*yuudai is then back in the warehouse* damn! so much is happening!!! i need to find that masked man!!!! *rushes off to the entrance of the warehouse*

Hayato runs between the ominous warehouses, they seem to laugh at him while he passes. The darkness was almost suffocating. He finally reaches the building.
This the place.
He makes his way around to the front. Once there, an intimidating silhouette reveals itself in front of the entrance. Mistaking it for Raizo, he moves closer.
"Raizo-san, I've been looking everywh-"
The light reveals the truth. The smell of blood infests his nostrils.
...It's him!
Hayato's looks down slightly, the darkness covers his eyes. His body has become stone, motionless and cold.
"I've finally found you."

Godric proceeds to talk with a masked voice.
"Oh my have you grown..."
His voice being to upmost creepiest it can be.
"Hayato i i right?"

The hatred grasps Hayato's heart, squeezing it like a piece of fruit. He stands silent, letting the darkness envelop him.

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Re: Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

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