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Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

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Darkness Over Light: Lost Heaven OOC

Post by Leviathan on Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:07 pm

Darkness Over Light
Lost Heaven

Humanity has been swallowed by darkness. The Dark One, Satan has waged war with the light, and that includes Earth. He has destroyed most of the planet in order to use human souls for his twisted schemes. The surviving humans were on the brink of despair, until a lone warrior with golden hair stood up and confronted Satan in order to stall for time while the survivors made their escape into space. After a lengthy battle, the blonde warrior succeeded in defeating the Dark One, and sealed him away in his icy prison in the lowest pit of hell. The survivors made it to another planet that could sustain life thanks to coordinates given to them by the warrior himself. The warrior remained nameless, and 1000 years pass since the day of his victory.

On the new human-inhabited planet, peace was thoroughly enjoyed. The planet was very serene ...except for the fact that there were a lot of ghosts. The planet seemed to have humanoid creatures before. A particularly active place was a Cemetery in a town named Shibuya(named after the actual town of course) A lot of ghosts showed up there along with a very strange kid who spent most of his free time there. He had no friends and was only 16. He had a very cruel attitude toward everyone except the ghosts he loved conversing with at the Cemetery. He always wanted to know how their race got wiped out but they never told him ...or rather, they couldn't remember...

Once in a while you can hear rumbling coming from what seems like the Old Earth. Many people worshiped Satan on the New Earth and believed it was He trying to get out escape. These satanists prayed to him every day to give him power to get out and deliver them to the perfect realm for thanks.

The loner kid's name was Yuudai. He was very strong and dispised when he was even in the general space of another human. He personally didn't believe in the stories that Satan may be resurrected. He only thought of Satan as a cool person that failed to kill the human race like he so desperately wants to.

Story Thus Far-

Part 1

Yuudai found Godric, a powerful ally to his newly found cause to kill Satan. Godric placed a seal on Yuudai and trained him. Yuudai found out that he had an angel in his head that made him able to summon weapons. that angel told Yuudai that he was the only angel left after Satan attacked Heaven and Yuudai had fallen to the new Earth. Godric and Yuudai soon met Hayato and fought on multiple occasions. Hayato was looking for a maked person that killed his brother. Hayato went with Godric's other personality, Raizo, to train. Yuudai went to hell for a week to satisfy Satan's needs. when he came back, he had witnessed the pure size of Hell's army and the newly discovered army of recreated angels that fought for Satan. Yuudai's parents were then revealed as the high angel Gabriel. the town was then attacked by Satan and they all fled and trained some more. Hayato then had Yuudai go with him to his old mansion to get a scroll that would make his eye more powerful. they went to a mountain pass to get to the mansion.....

Part 2

Yuudai and Hayato made it through the pass and came upon a forest. Hell wolves then attacked from a Hell Gate, a portal to Hell. Hayato went through and when he came out all hell wolves were dead before him. Yuudai had met Mikeal, a past friend of Hayato that was a master of wind magic. it was revealed that Hayato had a brother that died by the hands of Godric when they reunited and camped out. all three then set out to Sukima mansion and encountered trouble. they were being attacked and Yuudai had revealed a dire secret to Hayato. he had went to hell and became a demon!! but his angel side was still intact and he could somewhat control his demon side. they then were led to the masion by talking armors and went inside. they were then attacked by huge demons and were knocked unconcious, all sad that they and their friends were dead. Hayato awakened in the master bedroom with his butler. the butler then went to see Yuudai and Mikeal in the same room and awakened them. Yuudai attacked but came to his senses and ate dinner. Satan was mad that Yuudai was keeping control of his demon and sent a demon to unleash his inner demon. Hayato had traveled through the circles of hell to find the scroll and on the ninth circle found a replica of himself. it revealed that in 4 months the apocolipse would happen. he got the scroll while Mikeal trained extremely hard. while this happened Yuudai fought Hitoshi in his demon form and killed him. Hitoshi then became a demon and knocked Yuudai out. him and another strong demon were then absorbed by Yuudai and he became infineitly more powerful. the butler sent Hayato to a town with Godric and Hayato witnessed the death of Godric by his brother, Misago, now alive before him. Mikeal ran away and Yuudai and the butler are now fighting.....

This is a Fantasy RP in the style of a Japanese RPG, i.e. Tales of Symphonia or Kingdom Hearts. All basic forum rules apply:
1: No Godmodding
2: No auto hitting
3: You can rp as different character just make sure there approved before using them.
4: Any story ideas can be PMed to me, Genshin urara, or Zabuza125
5: Have Fun!

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