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splintercell interfaze

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splintercell interfaze

Post by flameofshadow on Sun May 15, 2011 12:03 am

(If you want to join,you should know what to do,make a char and fill it out and ill see you here eventuly)

-James is sleeping in his bed,he is at thrid echelon Hq,the place has been rebuilt,he is wearing normal cloths to sleep in while his guns rest at the side of his bed-

-after awhile he wakes up to the beeping of his wrist watch as he mutters-"damn"-he then gets up and gets dressed,he grabs his weapons and bolts out the door,he rushs down to the training room-

-when he gets there the head instructer looks at him arching an eyebrow then he says simply-"Your late james"-James nods achnowloging that statement,as he then walks over and sits down on the bench watching the men and woman shoot there guns,next is hand to hand practice-

-James looks up abit his face hidden from his mask as he looks around slowly-

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