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How to RP efficiently on RP Haven.

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How to RP efficiently on RP Haven.

Post by Leviathan on Mon Jan 31, 2011 10:15 pm

Howdy, ya'll! This is your friendly neighborhood co-admin, Leviathan, speaking. If you're reading this, that means that you've garnered a few negative comments on your RP style or perhaps you're reading this just cause you need a little advice on how forum RPs work. Well whatever the reason, Leviathan is here to help! Alright, so you've got your account and you want to join one of our many RP scenarios. Now what? Well, the first thing you'll need go to the OOC (out of character) section. This section is easily accessed on the home page of RP Haven. Once there, you'll see a long list of the OOC pages for our many RP scenarios. OK, now you're thinking "huh? there's two threads for a single RP? How does that work??". Well, its simple really. What the OOC pages allow us to do is keep any actions (for example, posting a new character) that are "out of character" (aka doing something that the character you are playing as in that scenario WOULD NOT do normally) away from the actual RP scenario thread. This saves space and keeps everyone's player actions separate from their OOC actions in an organized and efficient way. Ok, now you know how OOC works onto joining an RP OOC page! Treat any RP OOC page as the introduction to that scenario you want to join. What a standard OOC page should include is a title, a story section, a "How to join" section, and a rules section. Usually, the sections are hidden in a spoiler which can be revealing by clicking just right of the word "spoiler". Many OOC pages will incorporate more options into it, but a good OOC page will have all sections clearly and thoroughly explained (all you have to do is read!). Now you've read all you can on OOC of your choice and decide you want to join. Great! This can be easily achieved by following the OOC page's "how to join" section. A good OOC page will include a "character creation application" which looks like this:

Affinity: ( "The Company" [evil], "The Rebels" [good], Neutral)

This example shows you, the player, exactly the information you need to make up for the creation of your new character. Simply fill out the form as follows, putting the information of the character you want to create in all the specified areas. Your finished form should look something like this:

Name: Rei Ogami
Age: 17
Bio: A Japanese high-schooler who was popular and well-liked among his peers despite his nihilistic attitude. An incident involving the first time he used his powers when he was younger resulted in the death of both his parents which resulted in his spiteful apathy. He now lives with his Uncle in Tokyo.
Ability/"Superpower": Heat Generation
Affinity: Neutral
Other: Hates almost everyone, but has many friends despite this.

See? That's not so hard, now is it? OK! So now you have your character has been officially created. To join the RP with this character, its as simple as cutting and pasting the character creation app and pasting it to a post with a request to join. A request is join is just a few lines asking the GM ("game-master" aka creator of the RP) if you can join his/her RP with the character you created below. Remember to always be polite in your requests, since this will be the first post of yours the GM sees. Now you play the waiting game. Just sit tight and the GM will respond as soon as he/she can. Most likely, you will be accepted to join but if anything you will be asked to make minor changes to your character. Don't get nervous! This isn't usually a big problem or anything, the GM just wants to adjust your character so it can better fit the story and so everybody can RP efficiently in that scenario. After you've cleared everything with the GM the green-light is on for you to start RPing in that his RP. To do this, just navigate your way out of the OOC RP page and back home. Once at the home screen, you will need to select the specific RP section that the RP you just applied for is in. These are the different sections you will see on the home screen.

Anime Roleplaying

Movie/TV Roleplaying

Game Roleplaying

Fantasy Roleplaying

Historical/Futuristic Roleplaying

"Other" Roleplaying

The OOC should tell you where to go, but if not then you can either ask the GM or use your wits and guess which section the actual RP thread is in. This shouldn't be hard since the sections are divided into genres and usually you know the genre of the RP you're joining. Once you have found the thread in the correct section, you are just one step away from roleplaying. The only thing left to do is to judge what the best way to bring your character is based on what's going on in the RP. You can either choose to interact with any of the characters that were already there or start your character off by himself, away from everybody else. Both are fine options, but your RP abilities may lead you to one choice over the other. For example, if you are experienced in RP you may want to introduce your character in a flashy and memorable way like saving another character from a perilous fate or suddenly attacking other characters for no apparent reason. This is good way to get to know the pace of the RP as well as the skill level of those participating. If you are less experienced in RP, you may want to start your character off alone with no other characters close to you. For example, if you started your character at home waking up for breakfast, then that means your character can be miles and miles away from the other characters in that scenario. What this achieves is a large blank slate, although limited, for you to create character expansion within that character's world and allows us to view your character's world deeply. This, in turn, will allow other players to understand your character and use their characters to interact in some way. Let's say you go with this option and start your character off at home. Another player uses his character to walk over to your character's house, busts down the door and starts shooting. Take note that if the player writes any kind of successful hit from the shots he fired that is counted as a auto-hit and therefore considered an illegal move. If this does occur, POLITELY let the other player know via PM or on the OOC page. DO NOT post anything OOC on the actual RP thread. All disputes are to be taken care of OOC and will be posted as such. If the player does not take any action, contact the GM and the situation will be dealt with. If the player did not auto-hit, then it is your time to shine! You can respond to his action by either talking using your character to talk to the character attacking your home or just go in guns-blazing and attack back. The choice is yours! That is the essence of RP, choices. This concludes this lesson on how to RP efficiently on forums. Hope it helped and enjoy your stay on RP Haven! If you have any questions, feel free to post them on this thread or if you want to be more private about it, send me a PM! Take care, and have fun!
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Re: How to RP efficiently on RP Haven.

Post by The Anomaly on Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:20 pm

If I might add something to this.

In terms of the actions themselves, I have - for the most part - followed this formula:

- Opening Action (physical response)
- Dialogue (verbal response)
- Thoughts (emotions, internal conflicts, etc.)
- Closing Action (ties everything together)

The bare bones of a style of roleplaying - they have yet to fail me. Of course, there are other branching elements for each of those as well as some points which are not required for a particular event, but for the most part as long as the purpose is conveyed, the length of an RP post is irrelevant.

And in terms of auto-hitting, I myself have my own point of view: unless it's a glaringly obvious auto - such as "he fires and pierces right through his heart, killing him" - then most forms of attacking and counter-attacking would be acceptable.

But rather than allowing full-on attacks to hit, I typically just counter somewhere in the middle of that action. All the same, however, the response depends entirely on the character that is being attacks and what he/she can do.

For example: if he/she is human, than it would be relatively difficult to dodge a simple punch, let alone a bullet or something of the like. And if he/she was a supernatural entity with clearly-defined or implied enhanced speed/reflexes, then they can do many things that most humans would not - such as dodging a bullet.

And even with supernatural beings, I still take into account the body structure and my best understanding of science, like momentum, aerodynamics, etc. - not only that, but their ability to cope with extended combat is a factor as well. All of this is considered when attacking or counterattacking; if it is physically impossible to do certain things regardless of who or what a character is, then and ONLY then will there be a problem.

So, yeah... Just my two cents.

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