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An Intro to Roleplay Haven

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An Intro to Roleplay Haven

Post by Genshin Urara on Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:54 pm

Welcome! so you have registered, and are now a member of Roleplay haven. You want to rp now, but you just don't know how the site works, or where to begin! Well lemme help you.

The main page (home page) can be a little overwhelming but lets go over it one section at a time.

I. the WELCOME! section.
-This is for you to post your 1st thread/post. You tell the site that your new, and anything else you want to add. Things you like, do, watch, play, your age, your name...whatever! Simple.

II. the Suggestions/ Updates section.

-This is for you...the user, to tell me...the admin, how to make the site better. Anything can go here. If you want the site to have a new section, or different colors, or you think the chatbox isnt necessary, say it! any suggestions will be looked over and they may be put to good use or trashed.
-as for the updates, this is for me to tell you any updates i made to the site, so that you know and can check them out!

III. the Roleplaying section.
-This is where the most action of this site is, hells this section is what this site is made for! Roleplaying!
-RP OOC (Roleplaying Out of Character), ALL RP's will be posted here 1st before they get put into any rp section. This is for anything that IS NOT roleplaying. When someone wants to start a RP, they post it here, they will put the story, characters, how to join, whatever they want all in here. The other will join in their thread and any talk relating to the rp goes here as well.
-After the OOC is done, you now move onto the rp sections. Anime, tv, fantasy, etc. Each section is made for you to create your rp! If your Rp has to do with a large scale vampire war, put it in the fantasy section, and that is where everyone who joined in the ooc section will go to ACTUALLY rp!
*important* Plz post your rp's in the right section...we dont want a World War 2 rp going into the anime rp section...k?

IV. the Kickback section.
- this section was made just hang out in and shoot the shit. You have talk threads that can be anything from a random chat thread, to a thread about xbox 360! The anime talk is strictly for any thread involving anime questions, or whatever kind of chat you want to do. Poll Central is for you you have somthing like Xbox or Ps3? You will go to this thread, post your poll and everyone can vote on what they think is best! Lastly, the forums games are fun, sometimes random, mini games you usually play of forums.

V. The Creative Alley section.
-When you want to express yourself with a creative story that you have written or want to write, go here! Post a long story, post a short story, post a poem! whatever! feel free to open up! No one should judge you, and if they do they will receive punishment. This also applies to any art that you will draw or have drawn. Also a request tab is there if you want a new sig, or ask for an artists to make you somthing...

VI.the Fanclubs section.
-this is for the people who love a certain someone, or somthing and want to make a club dedicated to it. Each club will have its own owner, and that owner can do whatever they want with the club, but plz stay inside the rules of the site!

VII. the Archive section.
-Not very important at all...any trashed threads will be sent here, so if your curious you can still veiw them.

-Other things on the site-
1. Your profile. Yes you do have one! You can customize it with your own avatar, signature, anything!
2. Messaging. You have an inbox here, so feel free to private message any user on the site! just remember you do have a limit to how many inbox and sent messages you can store, so remember to delete those old messages!
3. Chatbox. The site's very own chatroom! feel free to come here when your active on the site to chat with any other active members!

So i can't really think of anything else to mention, so i hope this helped and if you have ANY other question plz post them here, so that i can answer them and if anyone else may come across the same question they can get it answered here!



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