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Elysium Prophecy OOC

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Elysium Prophecy OOC

Post by Leviathan on Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:40 pm

Elysium Prophecy

The world of Einea. A planet resting upon the dependence of its natural magic energy source, tir. Since the dawn of time, tir has become Einea's most valuable resource. Powering everything from entire cities to weapons of mass destruction, it is considered by many to be a gift from the gods. Tanelorn, the western superpower of Einea, was the first nation to use tir for military expansion. Conquering its neighboring countries through bloody conflicts, Tanelorn soon formed the Tanel Empire. Led by generations of bloodthristy emperors, the great nation is now in turmoil. The death of the nation's greatest emperor, Maradarnya IX leaves the throne to his only legitimate heir; his 13 year old daughter, Royani. On top of all this, rumors spread like wildfire of the depletion of tir throughout the land and the impending doom that will befall their planet by the hands of the Dark God, Pazuzu. Taking the title of Empress Maradarnya X, Royani issues her plan to seed out these mysteries. In the grand name of peace, she seizes control of her father's military strength and issues a mandatory draft to reform the once elite team of soldiers, the Arcane Knights. Under her father's reign, the Arcane Knights were the most feared and powerful among the Tanel Empire's military force. They were so powerful in fact, that their power was feared by Tanelorn's own citizens. Sensing his people growing distant from him, Maradarnya IX disbanded the Arcane Knights and exiled them to far off nations across the globe years before his death. Now, with tensions running high for the Tanel Empire, the rival nation to east, Urn'ser, prepares to take advantage of this time of weakness. The time for bloodshed draws near. The only hope for peace lies within a lost few. Will their strength be enough to bring about eternal peace?

This is a Magic Fantasy RP in the style of a Fantasy RPG. All basic forum rules apply:
1: No Godmodding
2: No auto hitting
3: You can rp as your own character just make sure they are approved before using them.
4: Any story ideas can be PMed to me
5: Have Fun!

How To Join-
To join you must first post a profile app on the OOC thread. Here is the app form:
Appearance: (preferably a pic)
Nationality: (see nations section)
Power: (This is where you will describe your character's fighting style as well as his/her abilities. Be sure to include what type of Astia you are fighting with as well as its color! See Astia System section for more info!)
Any other info: (like personality, quirks, dark secrets etc.)
so once you have that done, just post it and you should get a "Welcome!", and then your in!


Name: Yuri Lowell (Leviathan)
Age: 23
Power: Being a former member of the elite team of Tanel Empire soldiers, the Arcane Knights, Yuri's swordplay is unrivaled. His agility and acrobatics make him a force to be reckoned with.
Bio: Born into poverty in the slums of Tanelorn, Yuri lived most of his childhood working in a tir refinery with his father. On his 15th birthday he left home to join the Tanel Army, in hopes of being able to support himself and his family. His power grew incredibly, and through many battles he proved his place in the Arcane Knights at age 17. After the disbandment, he resides in the small farmland country of Thule.


Name: Hal Jordan (Genshin Urara)
Age: 21
Bio: 7 years after hal was born, he was able to use tir without an astia. The color of his tir was green. With that said, his father wasn't pleased with the color tir he got. So he began a theory that he thought was actually plausible. With a final thought hal's father took him away to a far away location where he ruinded his life reading books, and doing expirements. On his final expirement, hal's father made hal force his tir through an astia with a different color, silver. This has never been done before becuase it was rumoreed to be too powerfull it would kill the host. Hal's father took that risk, and acheived greatness, Hal became the first to have his first color tir. Becuase of his green tir reacting to the silver astia, Hal emits Emerald tir. He became full of himself and made his asita into a ring, and became a knight soon after. Dubbed "the Emerald Knight" Hal worked for many years, until he became his own force, as his mind thought himself too good for the knights. He now works on his own dubbed "The green Lantern" People have dubbed him that, becuase he was hired to light the way of an army who needed to head home during the night. Since then he has been known as that.

Locales of Einea-

Tanelorn: The massive western nation superpower of Einea and home to the Tanel Empire. It was the first to weaponize tir and utilize it for combat in the form of Astia. It is the largest nation and has had a long running rivalry with its eastern counterpart, Urn'ser.

Urn'ser: An eastern nation on its way to becoming a superpower rivaling its long time enemy, Tanelorn. With its recent boost in tir research, Urn'ser has developed a powerful new army. With Tanelorn suffering from a heavy internal power struggle, Urn'ser cannot help but take advantage.

Thule: A small farming state just north of Tanelorn. It is a peaceful getaway and a rarely sees outsiders.

Dahlia: A quaint city-state in the southern reaches of Tanelorn.

The Imperial City: This massive city-state makes up the northern part of Tanelorn and is home to Tanel Imperial Castle.

Mas'dahgi: Formerly known as Promeitha, it is one of four states that make up the eastern nation of Urn'ser. Mas'daghi is the northern part of Urn'ser, and is rumored to hold mines rich with Rare Astia.

Kovel: The state that makes up the southern part of Urn'ser. It is home to bustling markets and bazars as well of the home of the King of Urn'ser.

Jo'agya: The eastern state of Urn'ser. It is almost entirely made up of forest thick with tir.

Caspia: The western state of Urn'ser. Once the proud capitol of Urn'ser, home to bustling cities teeming with life. After an with an experimental Corrupt Astia Bomb from Tanelorn was set off on it, nothing remains but an incredibly vast and lifeless desert.

Vermillion Island: A mysterious island in sea to the west of Tanelorn. It is side that it was once the home of the Dark God Pazuzu.

Zealand: An island nation that rests in the southern most part of Einea. Once nothing but a natural landmass filled with primitive creatures, it is now a utopia of tir technology. Yet, its isolationist traditions remain set in stone and they remain unaffiliated to either Urn'ser or Tanelorn.

Astia System-
In the world of Einea, almost everything is powered by the mysterious energy source, tir. The militaries of the world have studied it for ages, but it was Tanelorn who was the first to weaponize it. The Tanel Army Science Division developed tir receiver nodes in the form a power stone called Astia. In morden Einea, all soldiers are equipped with Astia lodged in a bracelet or wristband, and thus are able to perform various magical attacks. The strength of these attacks vary by the color of Astia equipped. Their ranking from weakest to strongest goes as follows-


These forms of Astia are the most common and the weakest. They can be bought, sold, and traded in many markets throughout the land. However, as there are common Astia, there are also rare forms of the stone.


These rare forms are said to have powers on a godly level. They are key ingredients to various nations' "weapons of mass destruction" and also power many cities throughout the world. It is impossible for any normal human to control a Rare Astia.

Lastly, there is a final set of Astia with power so incredible, it was decided in a Worldwide Charter to banish their use. They are:


Legend has it that these Astia are the byproduct of the Dark God Pazuzu. Therefore, they are dubbed Corrupt Astia. All new characters are restricted to choosing the common Astia, but you will be given more power as you progress further through the story. I will reward you on your dedication, so post often! If you want to play as a former Arcane Knight, post here requesting so or PM and we will discuss it.

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