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Short Story of the week! 1.1

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Short Story of the week! 1.1

Post by Genshin Urara on Thu Mar 04, 2010 5:36 pm

It was a mid-day, i finally awoke from my slumber. I look around the plain I am staying on. I use the tree that i slept under, to help me get up. After a long yawn and stretch, i grab my pack, walk to the dirt road, adn cotinue walking. The kingdom is now in sight, i stare in awe at the magnificance of it. After picking up my speed a little bit i reach a small farm house, just a little outside the city.
I see an old lady picking vegetables from the ground, she waves at me....i wave back.

I finally get to the gates, A armored guard approaches me.
"Reason for entering this city?"
He holds a long halberd.
"Visiting my sister..."
I say scratching the back of my head.

He steps aside, letting me walk by. The word "AWE" now escapes my mouth, as i look around this grand kingdom, even it's citizens are grand!
I run up the left street, and to a store named, "Raine's Swords"
I smile, and opens the door.
A woman is standing above a man,who is laying on the ground,with a sword pointing to his neck,
"Tell him i dont have time to make a "golden" sword alright!"
The man nods and runs out the store, she watches him run, then notices me.
She shouts, as she drops the sword, runs and gives a hug to me.
"Hello Raine..."
I say with the little bit of air i have in my lungs, as my sister squeezes them.

"You've finally came, im so excited...ok Here firsts thing's first...let me introduce you to..."
She puts her hand next to her mouth, and yells at the room behind the counter.

Now i have seen beautifull women before, but the one that had just enterd the room, i have never seen before.
Long blonde locks, blue eyes, perfect body type, very big breasts, and the most gorgeous face i have ever seen.
she waves at me with the most innocent smile.
"hi im Joanne!"

I am too shocked to say a word, i wave back.
staying here will be great!



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Re: Short Story of the week! 1.1

Post by Th0r on Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:52 am

I demand more scenes involving this 'Joanne' character xD

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Re: Short Story of the week! 1.1

Post by Jannge on Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:00 pm

I demand MORE!!!
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Re: Short Story of the week! 1.1

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